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Banna Chluain Meala Update

Apologies for the website not being updated for some time. Here are the highlights of the last 18 months. In July 2013, 44 members of the Band and 15 adults visited Costa Masnaga in Northern Italy, which is twinned with Clonmel. It is the birthplace of Charles Bianconi and we were there at the invitation of the Mayor, Umberto Bonacina and the Twinning Committee. The Band performed in a number of places in the area and we had many lovely sightseeing visits. Thanks especially to Gian Paolo Rossini and his colleagues for organising this trip which was very memorable. 


The Band members performed the Musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in the Band Hall in early January 2014 to packed audiences. Congratulations to all involved. 


The Band of Costa Masnaga, Banda S. Cecilia visited Clonmel for St. Patrick’s weekend 2014 and performed at St. Mary’s Church, Hotel Minella and at the parades. It was very special to have them among us, and we really enjoyed their visit. 


Our Fieldshow Unit, Clonmel Bluehawks performed their new Show, As the Last Petal Falls at IMBA Competitions during the summer and came second in the All Ireland Finals. Congratulations to Alan McCormack, Field Commander and Majella Hewitt Forte, Colorguard Director and their teams, and especially the band Members, many of whom were performing in their first competitions. 


Our Concert Band continued their schedule of performances, including, Churches, Festivals and other performances in the Town under the direction of Peter Taylor, Musical Director. The band is currently rehearsing for Christmas performances in the churches. 


We are delighted to have been invited back to Peoria, Illinois, a Sister City of Clonmel where we had a very successful visit in 2009. 90 Musicians, 22 Colorguard and 13 adults will travel to Peoria from 1st to 7th July 2015. We will leave Ireland on 29th June and spend the first two days in Chicago. The Band is highly indebted to the Friends of Clonmel Committee in Peoria for all they are doing to make the visit a wonderful occasion. We will perform Concert and Fieldshow at a number of venues during the visit and also lead the 4th of July parade. 


All our Junior members who have been in training over the last few years have now joined the Senior band and Colorguard , our current band consists oof 110 Musicians and 35 Colorguard. Many thanks to all the Instructors who were involved in training the Juniors .

Code of Ethics & Good Practice

Banna Chluain Meala have adopted a Code of Ethics and Good Practice which includes a Child Protection Policy. You can download the document in PDF format please see the downloads page here 


Our Band celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2011 and a number of events were organised to mark the occasion. A Photographic and Memorabelia Exhibition, in association with South Tipperary Museum was held at the Museum from June 4th to July 9th. 


On June 10th a concert in St Mary's, Irishtown, featured Banna Chluain Meala, Band of the 1st Regiment Cork, and the Kidderminster Male Voice Choir. The Band performed at Mick Delahunty Square on the evening of July 9th as part of the Junction Festival to coincide with the closing of the Museum Exhibition. 


A Marching Bands Competition in association with the Irish Marching Bands Association was held at Clonmel Rugby Club on August 28th. 


On September 24th a concert for Parents, Patrons and Friends was held held at Hotel Minella. The concert featured a special "Past Pupils Band". 


On October 22nd a Dinner Dance was held at Hotel Minella.

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